ZAP !!!!! I was thrown back with a jolt

Its almost summer and it darn well snowed in a place that doesn't have snow.

It did snow once. Many years ago.

My children were teenagers and I was up early and doing the ironing in the shed on a Sunday morning as usual, I was listening to "Australia all over"

Macca said…. "Its snowing at Hahndorf and people are out playing in it."

It was about 7.00 am and I ran inside to get the kids up, but no one stirred.

I had my pajamas and ugg boots on. I was so excited, I grabbed the camera and figured I wouldn't get out of the car, just shoot from the window so I could stay in the jamas.

Hahndorf is 4 miles away so I figured I was safe, besides I couldn't miss a photo op.

Indeed it was snowing, the ground was white and I was thrilled… there was quite a crowd so I pulled the car off the road on a high vantage point and angled it so I could photograph out the window.

It was fabulous… white flakes, white ground, horses and cows wondering what this crazy white stuff was. People were  sliding down the hills on makeshift slides and it was delightful.

I tried to angle the camera for a better shot.

Darn it, the fence was right in the line of vision…. OK, if I get out the car, leave the door open and squat down behind the door, no one will see me.

So I did….

That was it, the shot was super….

I leaned forward and it was hard to balance so I rested my wrists on the wires of the fence.

ZAP !!!!!

I was thrown back with a jolt

My head hit the car door and people came running from all directions…XXXXXX

At breakfast that morning and then for the next week, it was difficult to hide the burns on my wrists from the electric fence. I didn't even seek medical advice.

I didn't tell the family…. just got their breaky  when they got up as if nothing had happened.

Unfortunately a few days later… some of Jamies friends told him his Mum was up on the hill in her pajamas and got zapped by the electric fence….

Funny boy.

The cover was blown.

Oh well…. Life is never dull.

It took a year for the burn scars to completely disappear. I think it was a high voltage fence.!!!



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  1. Don’t tell me the next day you had an irresistible inner feeling that you had to make a Bayeux Tapestry reproduction….

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    That is very funny, Joyce.

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks Guys…. no, it was 20 year ago.!!!!

  4. Naomi in Oregon says:

    Very funny story. Thanks for the chuckle.

  5. Deborah says:

    Thanks for such a great Mum story! I think that one will live on for a VERY long time.

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