A quiet evening.

English: Harold Godwinson falls at Hastings. H...English: Harold Godwinson falls at Hastings. Harold was struck in the eye with an arrow (left), slain by a mounted Norman knight (right) or both. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keith and I are babysitting two of our little grandies tonight.

Our son and his partner have earned a dinner out by themselves.

I bought my computer, iphone and ipad… sad but true.

Keith has his work with him too so its the norm for us with the promise of a change in lifestyle as we embark on our travels soon.

However I have some quiet time to do a little research for my Bayeux book. (Unnamed as yet, but well on the way)

I look at the calendar, its the 13th of October and in Hastings right now they are re-enacting the battle that took place 946 years ago. I would love to attend one day, it can't be next year because I will be in Italy in Abruzzo.

Right now I'm in the middle of studying flax and how the linen was made for the background of the Tapestry.

"The stalks were soaked in warm water and dried in the sun until fermentation and desiccation separated the usable inner strands from the chaff of the outer shell. The were then combed with a natural thistle or metal card, spun on a handheld spindle, used since time beyond memory to twist raw fiber into thread"

exerpt from "A needle in the right hand of God" 

R Howard Bloch

For Petes sake, my fabric came from a store!!!!



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