Computers and photography for quilts.


I've been experimenting with graphics today.

This is one of my photos set as a lino cut.

No I didn't use Photoshop elements, I used an app called called Moku Hangar, I've manipulated the photo to give me this desired effect.

I love the mellow colors, the drift of the water, the red and the turquoise on the boat.

When taking a photo, composition is important and this photo just lent itself to transformation.

I also like this car, it would look wonderful appliqued.

To be honest these would also make great cards..

I'd like them printed on fabric as well.!!

The images themselves produce new ideas… in this one for instance, I love the background and the way the fern leaps into the picture.

I've not altered this photo, but I love reflections and it would make a fabulous quilt. The purple, green and blue with streaks of cream…super.

This piece is already in process and will take a year or more to complete… its quite large, and is going to be an interesting quilt.

I took the photo in England and as soon as I took it I could see the "Quilt finished"

I've converted it to stitches and this is a close up of one of the plates.

IPhoto-20110907-170326 2

My computer aids me with design and altered imagery for textiles and texture.

Its worth while looking at apps. I use a mac (actually I use two in the studio), my ipad, iphone and lap top all sync…. so if add an app to one, it syncs to the rest of my computers… so I have access where ever, I happen to be… in the loo, in the hairdresser or on the plane!!!!!


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  1. Lynn in Orlando says:

    What a fantastic group of photos….they would all look fantastic quilted.

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