We arrived in LA

I'm sitting in our hotel room over looking Hollywood and beyond.


It's 6.pm Wednesday 17th October here and ll.30 the next day at home. The bottles on the table are leaving strange shadows on the wall.

The trip was eventful. There was a security scare in Melbourne. 1000's of travelers were shut out of immigration and departures for several hours delaying our departure for some time.

"Nothing to worry about" says the lady over the loud speaker… in the mean time they are searching through the rubbish bins with detectors and the 100's of lime green coated security officers are mingling with the crowd… Oh, along with the chaplain !!!!!


However when we did take off… we spent a comfortable 15 hours sleeping, eating, watching movies and working, arriving here at 2.00 am Australia time.

Normally we get to the hotel, catch up on a few hours sleep and then go out.

Not today, first of all it was a delightful 95 degrees, the taxi driver sped through the backstreets then whipped up onto a crowded freeway where the traffic seemed to be going in reverse.


Our hotel room wasn't ready so we had to wait around for 4 hours… OK, get into the shorts and walk around Universal….. I admit to falling asleep as the dinosaurs attacked our violently moving train  on the back lot tour.

lunch and finally bed, I think I was asleep before I hit the pillow.



Photo of the day for the grandies.



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