A leap of faith

Written at the event on the trusty Ipad

When you travel sometimes you just need to take a leap of faith and join the natives.

Those high jumps have landed me in a bit of trouble sometimes but it's also led me to  have some amazing experiences.

Bullfights in Mexico, elephant rides and crocodile wrestling in Thailand, Peraheras in Sri Lanka, ceremonies in India, and racing alongside the yachts in the round the world yacht race in South Africa.

As we drove past Hollywood Bowl on Thursday  we noticed that Brad Paisley was performing on Saturday night. I'm a  country music fan since Dad taught us to sing “Home on the Range” and “Little Brown Church in the Vale”

I didn't imagine we could get tickets….but an hour or so on the internet and we had tickets in a box close to the stage.

As we arrived we noticed people in picnic mode were lining the road to the entrance. 

Are they going to sit outside and listen?

Were they just eating before the show? I was to find out later that a pre concert picnic is the tradition, you can even order a packed dinner to be delivered to your box.

I just don't  know, but it it looked rather civilized and with a predominance of cowboy hats, fancy jewel encrusted belts and the fabulous boots we just enjoyed the ambiance of the crowd.

Ride the long, outdoor escalator (actually a moving rubber conveyer belt) up past ivy-covered slopes, to the middle section of the Bowl's seating area. You're bound to experience a flash of deja vu when you first walk through that short tunnel and see the Hollywood Bowl for the first time. Who hasn't seen this famous half-dome before in photos or movies, with its background of forested hillsides?

We were seated in a fancy little box set up with green captain chairs, just meters from the stage. There were two small tables that fold down and  the attendant  just came and collected our trash…..!!!! That doesn't happen at home.

There is a strong smell of barbecue, (smoked of course) tinged with a little alcohol and pop corn. The noise is constant and happy as people wend their way to their designated seats.

Standing in our booth, you can barely make out the edge of the arena at the back.

The folk next to us set up their tables with white cloths, wine in glasses with flashing lights in the base, candles, napkins and fine food. I felt sorry for one lady, she seems to have a little treatment on her lips, her husband of a considerable age was also well preserved… not a wrinkle in place, it must be the climate. !!!
She could come to my place.
Tomatoes in summer gives me that same look, pouting.
Sort of, because I have an allergic reaction to the fruit but I can’t not eat my own produce.!!!


Keith and I on the other hand had half a hot dog each and our minimalist  gourmet food was hummus and pitta…. Served with water from our own delightful clear plastic bottle.

But then again, I think I'm the only person writing my blog with the IPad propped on the table.

When the music begins, the ground vibrates…. I had to put my hand on my heart to make sure it wasn't misfiring….. No….. Just the speakers in full bore.


There are all ages here, young people, middle aged and I realized how old I was when I put my hands into the fancy dyson hand dryer in the rest room and the skin fluttered.

The show was a feast of fabulous music. Waves of sound and light reverberated around the arena in time to the music. We had a great vantage point.

Young and old jumped to their feet, hands in the air as if trying to catch the spirit of the event and keep it in their heart.

Leap of faith, it worked again….. what a fabulous night.

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  1. peggy a bass says:

    i am glad your leap of faith was a good one….peg in la

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I love that cutie, Brad Paisley. I’m very envious of you and Keith! 🙂 You made me laugh with the skin flutter comment. Looking forward to reading more Pam and Keith adventures.

  3. Pam says:

    Wendy, try it next time you put you hands in one of those vacuum dryers !!!!!!

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