“just my place”

It was chilly this morning and we had an early start to the radio station for an interview…


Then a good ol' country breakfast of eggs, biscuits and gravy and off to another station for the next chat. This time Keith was in the studio and he was a bit nervous.I think you could say he's a 'radio virgin.'

Tomorrow, a meeting with the Mayor,  a talk for Kiwanis and a tour of a children's program CHINS (Children in need of services) so its going to be a busy day.

Lisa and I have been finalizing  our Thelma and Louise trip for next year, but we did have time to pop into the Antique mall for a bit of quilt therapy.

I bought some props. An antique baby gown of the finest cotton as inspiration and application, baby buttons and 2 old antique baby dolls for a quilt in the "Ripped from Reality" series.For the princely sum of $11

The series will be called "just my place"

The  image will be quilted into the baby gown which will in turn be quilted to the background fabric.

The dolls are for inspiration and decoration on my shelf.

Enhanced by ZemantaMiss Lisa in turn bought this beauty.
This piece is delightful.
It's made by hand, never been used and just looks like it was made yesterday.
Its hard to date… but I think its probably the 40's, however there are fabrics of different ages in the piece… she probably used up all her old scraps.

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