Sewing it forward.

Paying it forward.

What does it mean?

We  sat around the table tonight and discussed the subject, every one has a different view of what it means.

Paying It forward, – My theory is that it's doing something for someone else without asking anything in return. However, one would hope that "Someone" would continue the momentum.

So at a brain storming event today we thought up Sewing it forward.

With that in mind.

How many of you have old sewing machines stashed in your cupboard?

I have lot of Antique ones I need to get rid of… but I do have about 3 others that are just sitting there. They haven't been used in years and its such a waste….but I've never thought about it like that before.

So do you live in New Mexico?

Want to donate an old sewing machine or two for our children's program? Sew it forward?


If you can donate an old machine in working order we would be forever in your debt. We figure we need about 20 (or more) and trust me they will be well used.

During the coming months the gals here in Alamogordo will conduct classes on 'sewing'

Boys or girls can attend with their Mum or Dad.

The will receive their "1/4" license" at the end of the class where they will learn to make a pillow case and one for a child in need.

During our Southern New Mexico Quilt Festival in June they will graduate to a "Quilt Class" and at the end of the event they will receive their "Quilting License" and get to take home an amazing prize.!!!!

So we need your help. Please.



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