Yesterday was an extraordinary day.

Yesterday was an extraordinary day. I was even too numb to write the blog last night.

It was the USA launch of the The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet.

I slept fitfully.

What if no one turned up.

Do I have enough books?

The difficulty was the main delivery, some 2,500 books are still on the way, so we flew in a few boxes, just as we did for our Guild launch.

The wonderful Miss Rainee had the atrium decorated in orange with yellow flower decorations, there was  coffee on the boil and delicious cookies.

2012 Pam Holland Book Signing 10-25-12 (54)

The gals from Las Cruses

But we were not disappointed… we sold out quickly and added many more orders to the books.

The gals came from all over and it was an emotional and  rewarding experience.

2012 Pam Holland Book Signing 10-25-12 (27)

Rose from El Paso

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Yes, I know the haircut is short….. far tooooooo short.  I think the hairdresser slipped with the scissors and clippers.

I said, please don't cut it too short… specially the sides. After she had completed  one side, she had to even up the other side and vice versa. So here I am very "even upped."

It will grow.

Soon I hope.

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