History and Culture.

Eugene Manlove Rhodes.


I've never heard of him before, but today I joined Dr David Townsend and Mr Pete Eidenbach and about 15 others as they shared poetry and prose written in almost illegible and writing some 80 years ago.

He was a story teller of note with an urge to share the world he lived in with all who would listen.

We sat in a tree rimmed circle at the foot of his grave and listened as these learned me shared his thoughts.



Dr David Townsend

Mr Pete Eidenbach


My glowing face tells me we were sitting outside in the sun high in the San Andres Mountains at about 9000 feet.

It was a unique experience. Keith and I loved every minute of it.

We had our moda table accessories, (because we are quilters) delicious sandwiches and water to sup on as we listened to the words of  a long departed storyteller who sought to share the ideals of the average South Western rancher.

We drove in convoy through the White sands Missile range and then along narrow dirt roads that wound high into the mountains. It took a couple of hours each way but it was an amazing experience.

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