Houston first Day

Wooow, its been a long day without coffee… what made me forget to imbibe.

We were traveling most of the day and now we're in housed in our hotel in Houston ready for the festivities to begin.


flying out of El Paso

I don't know if you can tell, but I get soooo excited coming to Houston.


The view from our window.

Everything is ready for the next few days even the clothes are pressed, hanging ready.

I've hugged a dozen people, met dear friends from Dubai, Ana from Brazil, and buddy Di from Aus. We had a riotous time in the executive club with even more more buddies and we've only been here a few hours.

Kay England gave me a wonderful suggestion for new glasses… at least the sides should be red and white stripe with pointy feet over the ears. !!!!

I have a friend who makes Elton Johns glasses and it will be on to do list when I get home… for sure.

Right now I'm watching "Outback Hunter" filmed in part by son Jamie… well done boyo… love the images.

Time for a shower and bed and YES, I've already photographed some of the quilts….

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