One so bitter sweet

For the first time in weeks I can relax a little, holidays are on the horizon and the planning and execution of the past weeks are now behind us.

I have a  presentation tomorrow and that's it until Dubai.

My bed sure looks inviting this evening. !!!!!!

So with a little Nocturnal Chopin in my earphones… I can concentrate on writing.

Attending to the award ceremony at Quilt Festival I relive my experience. One so bitter sweet I almost blocked it from my mind for many years. However, with the distance in time I now allow myself the indulgence of recollection.

Bitter because 5 days before I was due to fly out for the award ceremony my daughter in law was killed and my son was terribly injured in an accident.

The family insisted I attend. Medicated to the max and vehemently objecting I was put on the plane. Qantas staff were instructed to care for me and even drove me from one plane location to another during connections.

I had no idea where I was.

I arrived at the Hyatt, a zombie and my friend Joan came down from Minnesota to take over.

The day of the ceremony we walked the streets of Houston and went to the museum.

My mind and heart were home. My heart breaking.

But the ceremony waited for on one. I was like a fish out of water at the official reception…. but in retrospect I realize that  Joan shepherded me from one station to another so I didn't need to talk to anyone.

Ushered into the huge room we finalists were seated down the front and the ceremony began.

I was surrounded by Aussies, we had 12 in the finals that year.

Finally the announcement of the last 6, then 5, then 4, then 3. "Get a grip on yourself girl" said Joan in her no nonsense voice.

2nd prize winner was announced and the only one left was my quilt.

As the curtains rose it was exposed in all its glory and my life changed forever.


Keith arrived a few days later for support. Winning carried me quickly down a new and treasured path.

Thank you one and all.

Attending, the ceremony takes its toll on my senses.. but I was filming last night and the memory dims.

It was the greatest honor that could have been bestowed on me.

To see the elation on the face of the winner is like looking in a mirror….

I rode home to the hotel on the bus to the Hyatt with my Aussie buddies. I carried my flowers and that darn big check with me and I still have it in my studio.

I have only attended the ceremony for the past 3 years… it was too painful before that but the memory is still vivid and one that I consider a huge part of my life.


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