Its begun.

Once again its late and the brain isn't as sharp as it is in the morning but I have early morning appointments tomorrow so I need to share tonight.

I photographed from nine am until just before ten when the doors open to the public.

Everything was in readiness for the opening and an air of expectancy hung over the Convention Center.

people had lined up for a considerable amount of time, I went out into the street and the line snaked right down to the corner and well down the next street.

The sun shone and it was quite warm and humid… the atmosphere in the crowd matched the beautiful weather.

Buses arrived and a trail of excited quilt enthusiasts, shopping bags in hand filed off.

I've watched this event many times and it always leaves a smile on my face.

The doors swing open and in the come.

I was too busy to spend more time visiting booths etc. Tomorrow.

I had lots of people to meet and spend time with.

My buddies from Mexico, my peers, and those of you who came huge distances to say hello. I really appreciate you all.





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