My special quilt.

An SVG map of China with the Guangxi autonnomo...An SVG map of China with the Guangxi autonnomous region highlighted Legend: Image:China map legend.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The eyes take 5 minutes to focus propery when I wake up, and it really annoys me because I want to fly as soon as I'm awake…!!!

Yesterday was my first day to walk the floor.

I've photographed half of the quilts… and purchased a beautiful piece of textile treasure. Its a Maonan Quilt Cover. Handmade from the minority people of Guizhou, Yunnan, Guangxi, and Hunan Provinces of South West china.

I've seen them before.. they are incredibly rare and I know there are some in the quilt museum in Nebraska, but this one beckoned..

Its old, its worn, its gorgeous and will hang as a wall hanging in our house.

Although I'm not an expert, this block appears to be fairly traditional. Its hand dyed cotton.

Th dealer thought it might be a dowry cloth but I need to investigate further.

Its fascinating… and yes, I may have to play with some designs like this.

Well I have to run..I can get into the event early to photograph before the crowds.


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