I've finally had time to sit at the computer and begin work on my photos.

I will add albums each day to my web page and I ask that you respect the owner of the quilts by not downloading and distributing the images.

Quilts    click the word to view.

This is my 12th consecutive year at Houston. This event has been good to me, I've been lucky enough to win BOS and numerous other awards over the years. I also won the Jewel Pearce Patterson Award and I have a loyal band of followers from all over the world who visit each year.

Good morning Pati from Mexico…. (she has coffee with me each morning)


Walking those big red carpeted aisles each day brings forth new ideas, new images, old friends and acquaintances.

This year, I've seen innovative ideas in fabric design. A new machine for quilting and for the first time museum quality antique textiles.

You can find the ordinary and mundane… mixed with the exciting and new.

I bought vintage handwoven kimono ties which will be placed on one of my "Ripped from Reality quilts" The colors have been carefully chosen and I was excited to find them.

As I mentioned, I bought some fabric, I was given wonderful threads from Superior and today I will concentrate on capturing the information about the more unusual things we find in the booths.

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