Last day at Houston.

Quilts    click the word to view.

I've added more images to the web page.

As mentioned in a previous post  I walked the red carpet to view the booths today.

Excuse me if I'm mistaken but I don't think there were too many new ideas presented. Some booths have been offering the same thing for the past 12 years or more.

Cherrywood has a new look to their fabric, brighter, finer and in keeping with the new modern quilt fabric designs. It works so well with Kaffe Fasset fabrics and big print Amy Butler fabrics.

There are more notions, and Moda (always inspiring) continued their vintage kitchen theme in their fabrics and patterns.

I was made aware of a few different rulers to make your life easier.

I purchased vintage buttons.

And because of my interest, I photographed the antique and vintage quilts.

You can purchase wool in strips and I imagine its to make ruffles and roses.

But the 'floor' was busy till the end.

The sewing machine companies were doing amazing deals to entice you to take home a bargain.

Everyone had bags of goodies and the chairs set aside for 'those who need to rest' were permanently occupied.

My lady has gone, I'd love to know who bought her.!!!!!

Bye old girl.

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