More things to do in Houston.

This is crazy, I'm working on two blogs at the same time!!!

However,  I thought I would mention a few more things we found today in Houston.

I forgot to tell you that you can get 10% off anything at Macy's if you show your International ID.

We had to buy two new cases… my favorite case had a wheel amputation on the last trip… and the other case had a darn big hole punched in it.!!!!


Gees Louise.

With 40% discounted in the store and then she gave us 15% more off….. (I love the USA for this)…. we paid less for two cases than the price of one at retail.

Wooooooow and they are green!!!!

Keith took advantage of being close to the Toyota Center which is just behind the Hilton and went to the Basketball with friends on Saturday night…..

AND TODAY….. we found an amazing store just up the street.

The Phoenician  the most amazing food store on the ground floor of the Phoenician apartments.

For lunch I had a double Turkish coffee with honey. A lamb wrap with spinach and feta and a date cake. We sat in the sun at a picnic table and it was just delish.

We watched as the wraps freshly baked wound through the store on a conveyor belt. The smell was wonderful.

I'll certainly be beating a path to their door next year.

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