Capture the day Fabrics, Food and fun at the market.

So back to normal with the blog…

I guess many of you have been to Bangkok, but it changes so much you need to come regularly.

Its so different from the first time we came 1975.

That was when we came to pick up our first Thai Son Joshua… he was 3lb…. and the most beautiful baby I had seen.

At that time, the adoption agency placed us in a not very salubrious hotel the actually turned out to be a brothel.

Now we stay in a 5 star hotel not too far from the Maya Guest house that we stayed in originally.

There has been a bit of political strife here…but we were a short distance away.

Today we decided to visit the Weekend Market.

The 35-acre (68-rai) area of Chatuchak is home to more than 8,000 market stalls. On a typical weekend, more than 200,000 visitors come here to sift through the goods on offer.

its worth a visit…. and this gal is glowing.

If you know where to venture you can find dozens of young fashion designers selling their wares.

I bought 10 jackets just gorgeous…I'll photograph some tomorrow.

So I thought I would take you on a pictorial journey.

First we need to catch the hotel shuttle across the river to the Light Rail station.





The young assistant on the boat likes to practice his English and shakes
my hand every time we get on. He helps me on and off the boat as if I
was old!!
The dogs have claimed the seats on the avenue to the train. They are healthy and well looked after, very different to the 1970's.


The Taxi's are pink, green and yellow and are mostly Toyota's. We used to drive in some that had huge holes in the floor… you had to be careful where you put your feet.


The crowds begin to pour in to the market. Some come by mini bus, some by taxi and some like us on the light rail.


It was 11.30 and we had to stop for a taste of our families favorite food "Sticky Rice and Mango" This is the recipe I use at home. This serve cost $1.50


I'm allergic to fresh fruit… Mango isn't too bad, but I still took double antihistamines in preparation.


And I adore fresh coconut and I had a coconut later in the day for less than a dollar. I remember being in Sri Lank many years ago and I was quite ill. A man traveling with us stopped at a coconut farm to buy me a young coconut. The milk was slightly fizzy and it sure gave me a boost of energy.

Can you tell I'm in heaven…. we even saw fashionistas with glasses on and no glass!!!!

$2 for the prawns…. freshly cooked.

Crystallized  lotus pod. Yum. Orange too.


A small boy plays a Thai pipe instrument.

And we stopped for lunch of chili chicken and rice, coke and coconut… !!! what a combination… but it was nice to sit down.

Right now I'm falling asleep at the computer…. so its midnight and we've had a long day so I will finish this tomorrow.



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  1. Mpkemk says:

    Pam, you are living the life I’ve longed to live. The places you go and the people you see.
    Thank you for being such a wonderful photog and for sharing your journeys with all of us.
    Can’t wait to see all the jackets! 🙂

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