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The majority of people who read my blog are quilters, or at least people interested in color, design and creativity.


So this blog is for you today.


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A few months ago I shared photos of a building in Sydney that had the most wonderful tiles on the floor. But today I'm going to feature the amazing tiles of the Grand Palace Bangkok.

Well, today was sensory overload for even the most creative  person. Its years since I've been to the grand Palace here in Bangkok, and let me explain, Keith and I have been here over 20 times.

So today was the day to rekindle our knowledge and it's fun just getting there….

We had to catch the shuttle boat from our hotel, then a fast boat along with 100's of other travelers down to the Palace, and then walk through the market to the gates of the Palace. There is so much to see.

Hawkers line either side of the pavement. Some just had a small cloth on the ground with a few amulets or antiques for sale. Some were selling food, others, tourist trinkets.

Its fascinating, its like being in a live documentary really.

The weather is really hot, well in the 90's and very humid. The perspiration runs down my forehead and I have to carry a small towel to stop it dripping in myeyes.

Before we visited the Palace we decided to get a drink (for energy) I always have a fresh coconut and Keith has coke.!!!

I also opted for some home made coconut ice-cream. It was so delicious. Its not really sweet and has a little salt in it too. This was served in a coconut shell with the soft coconut peeled from the edges and left in the bottom. If you've never tasted it before. Green coconut is like coconut jelly.

I know our family would go nuts over this dish.

Then into the Palace.

Visitors must be properly dressed before being allowed entry to the temple. Men must wear long pants and shirts with sleeves — no tank tops. If you're wearing sandals or flip-flops you must wear socks (in other words, no bare feet.) Women must be similarly modestly dressed. No see-through clothes, bare shoulders, etc. If you show up at the front gate improperly dressed, there is a booth near the entry that can provide clothes to cover you up properly. You must leave your passport or credit card as security but Keith and I were well prepared.

To be honest I found inspiration in everything I saw today. The tiles are amazing and over the past few years a great deal of re-construction has taken place. Its an amazing Testament to the Thai people.




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