Fashion at the weekend market in Bangkok… off the shelf.

Last night the internet was so slow, it took 5 minutes to download a photo.

So here up am up at 4.00 (now 5.30) so I have access to faster internet.

I mentioned that I visited the weekend market on Sunday.

Its an exciting place to visit for many reasons, but I've not seen any info on the net that describes it as an outlet for young designers.

If you venture deep into the bowels of the market, and walk along some of the small darker inner alleys you will find a wealth of creativity.

Some of the creations are not the style I like, …. but nevertheless, they are creative.

I found one such designer and I was blown away by her creations.

This is one of 10 garments I purchased.

First of all I don't ever wear patterned fabric, but this is quite neutral and I can accessorize in bright colors so I opted to purchase this one…. Its a bit 'flowing' which also adds to the bulk of the body…. but, its comfy.!!!!

No 2, patterned again. The fabric looks Japanese to me, the style and color adds to that feel. Its very light fabric and feels great on..


This is my favorite Jacket, its a soft cotton, hand-dyed I think. I love the collar and the drape and its awfully comfy. (No pattern on the fabric)

The photo doesn't do this jacket justice, but I was rushing to photograph them last night and the light was low. Once again, super comfy, fits perfectly and the patterned fabric is hand woven.

I will buy a red silk scarf to go with it.

The designer is in Chiang Mai, so I will seek her out and let you know more.

There were wonderful designs for young people… and I wish I had taken more notice to purchase some of the shirts I saw for our young men.

I did buy brighter garments and pants as well. I often have clothes made here… but this time… its off the shelf.


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  1. Tgreenlee says:

    Love, love, LOVE #3,…the blue& black is fabulous!

  2. Lois says:

    You will be “stylin'”. What fun! NRPEP Lois

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