Antique Textiles and food.

Woman selling umbrellas at the Sunday market, ...Woman selling umbrellas at the Sunday market, Chiangmai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Its been difficult to get to the computer in the past couple of days…

We attended an engagement yesterday and it was a wondrous affair.

Then Granddaughter Chi and boyfriend arrived  to spend some time with us, so family came first.

This morning we left Bangkok early for  Chiang Mai arriving around lunch time.

Tomorrow… we leave at 6.00 am for a 3 hour drive to Chiang Rai for a wedding.  No rest for the oldies…

This afternoon has been spent checking out the neighborhood. I want to feature some of the different food you can find here.

Travelers who have been to Thailand will tell you : the best food is in the street. Forget those touristy restaurants serving overpriced dishes often pale copies of the real Thai recipes. Feel the authentic taste of Thai cooking among Thai people. Eating in the street has nothing to do with social status, it is quite common to see luxury cars stopping at those food stalls for a lunch break or an early dinner. Of course it is cheap, (imagine a spicy soup + a pork and rice dish + a fruit + water and ice for… 20 baht) 80 cents, but most of all it is good!
OK for that price you'll have to eat at a small ordinary table sitting on a red or blue plastic stool right on the side walk… in the evening you might see the occasional cockroach hurrying to whatever business cockroaches have… but what matters is what's on your plate : WYSIWYG food (what you see is what you get). It is cooked in front of you, products are fresh from the day (not stored for weeks in dubious conditions as in some big restaurants… worldwide).
There is one basic rule when it comes to picking the right stall : see where the Thais go, never pick a deserted place.
I'm going to source Antique Textiles…

there is an entire building of antique textiles bought down from the mountains by some of the Hmong people….I think its called  Hmong Lmong Market.

The night market is overwhelming and is just outside our hotel..I have a list of things to look for, but I seem to come up with a blank …. "Oh, I'll buy it later"… well time is running out.

Move it girl.



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