Fabrics, Fun and I’m finished.

Faced with shops and booths with dirt floors full of the most amazing goodies and then bargaining with the gal who sits on a little plastic chair with an antiquated calculator is fun and exhausting.

Salty perspiration drips in your eyes as you try to remain cool physically and emotionally.

There's the overwhelming feeling that I might leave some gem of a discovery behind if I leave the store.

And a rising panic when I eventually do leave.

You need to be able to separate the old from the new (if you so desire).

Most of my pieces are old, worn and in a need of a wash, so that will be a challenge.

The pieces above are old fabric re-worked and they sell for a fortune in designer shops in the West. Chiane bought one to wear, it looks super on her and after being in the village where they created the batik she now knows the difference between original batik and printed.

There is a danger of becoming carried away and you need to be discerning.

I discovered something very interesting yesterday its old and intriguing.

This small piece is appliqued (Just the green strip) and the entire pattern is freehand stitched by machine.

So, we can do that.!!!!!

Quilting Style…

I bought a mens antique Jacket. The Indigo base has faded and held up to the light its almost threadbare.

BUT the embroidery is amazing…its now my Facebook cover.


It has pieces of bone, buttons, metal trim, tiny cross stitch, embroidery, couched applique by hand  and lots of other techniques to explore.

I need to look at it under magnification.

I had negotiated a price. Another woman approached me. "You can't buy that" she said. It took five minutes of back and forth dialogue in broken English to realize that she meant "You can't buy these pieces anymore" and buy it I did along with 10 other small pieces.

So that's me done…

No more, the case is full of goodies to share, admire, study and get ideas from.



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