Live in your art.

Finally home and working in the shed.

Unpacking —- I have the delight of playing with all the goodies we bought on our trip.

The embroideries from Thailand and China still take my breath away.

The first thing to do was to scan each piece.

I really want to work out how they are made.

They are old… not antique, just old, dirty and faded, but I love them.

There was so much dust on the scanner when I had finished scanning the, I had to stop and clean it 3 times.!!!

I believe this piece is hand couched… in fact, the block is just 2" square, and I had to enlarge it 30 times to see the stitches.

I think most of these pieces were from the Akha tribe. Then again, I might be mistaken.


In the traditional Akha view art is something one wears. They don’t hang their creative work on walls. They put it on their bodies. To an Akha, art is the adornment of everyday being and to wear it is to make a statement at once ethnic, personal and aesthetic.

I think that's a wonderful idea.

Live in your art.

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