I'm behind with the blog..

BUT, the past 4 days since our arrival home have been full of interaction and action.

I haven't started back on the Bayeux… I hope Monday is the day….

(I just can't wait) 

There is such a backlog of paperwork that piles up while I'm away and can only be done in the office. Its been hard slog for the past two days and as a result my Houston papers got posted today.   Yay !!!!   They take so long to complete thoroughly.

 Miss Tilly and I also made cards this morning.

I love the way she writes her name…. soooooo cute for a 6 year old. Where does that come from?


We have a 2nd birthday party tomorrow so a great photo op.

I have to travel miles and miles before that to buy Furbies in the right colors for the 4 year olds… and buy Ipod Nanos for the 6-8 year olds. (4 of them) so no work tomorrow unless I can get out here early….

Gees Louise you just have to get it right.

I've been working on the quilts for the Alphabet… I love it… they will be so individual and a little whacky… but do-able for all levels of experience. I just need someone to keep me on track and manage my time…!!!


My books are piled in the studio.

and right now I need to get my nephew to help me with my shop page, it was just a bit too hard in the format I use.

We will have a formal launch here in Adelaide fan fare, food and fun in Mid January.


Well, the realization of summer and Christmas is here.

Hay-fever, has hit with a vengeance but the smell of the blossoms and eucalyptus balances out the inconvenience of stinging eyes and running nose.

The temperature is in the 90's (30's) and the days are deliciously long.

The tomatoes and artichokes are ready to  eat, while the rest of the garden is in its traditional summer brown faze and we need to add more water.

The Aggys and Hydrangeas are blooming blue and pink and look wonderful.


Tonight I'm having a night off and I'm going to have coffee and Christmas cake by the telly.




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