There are no words, just inner reflection.

I've been home a week today, fortunately I've had no jet lag because Thailand is only 4 hours behind us…. a bit different to 13 hours difference from the USA.

But gees life has moved at an alarming pace.

I got out some important work and hugged and spent time with the grandies, then I sat in the chair yesterday and fell asleep for two hours.!!!!

For some of our children it has been a life changing week.

It brings about thoughts of thankfulness, and yet, I just couldn't bring myself to write yesterday because it  didn't seem right after the sadness that fell over us all with the horrifying events in that small town in the US.

There are no words, just inner reflection.


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  1. Eileen Keane says:

    God bless your new little one. Thank you for sharing.

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