Thread painting preparation.

Last year I photographed the window of an antique shop in England.


I have blue and white china and I also inherited my Grandmothers' and Mothers' pieces.

All my daughters have blue and white too, so as a testament to them all, I decided to make this image into a quilt.

I've been planning this piece for almost a year now but I had so many other things to do.

I also wanted to know if I could thread paint adequately so the last two quilts, the Fisher mans Mother and the African lady have given me the confidence to go ahead with this large piece.

Originally I changed the image with sketchmee and had the image printed on silk…

But it just didn't fit the bill.

How to the heck do I do it…?

So I printed the photo and cut it up into 4 pieces and scanned each of those pieces….

But the image was too small.


So I cut the pieces in half again… and scanned all 8 pieces and printed them out onto fabric.

I'm using my ordinary inkjet printer and I've backed a good quality fine white cotton with fusible web and cut it to printer size. It goes well through the printer.

Unfortunately, some of the pieces have left gaps on the edge. You can see in this photo that some of the printed fabric images ended up with white edges… (why) I don't know. So when I cut them off, I was left with a gap.

Of course the piece needs to flow as an image, but I will stitch that freehand, I've done that before.

Then I figured that the pieces needed to be placed on a background. As I mentioned I had fusible web on the back of each piece, so it was a matter of placing them in order and ironing the to the backing piece.

I chose a muted cherry wood fabric.

This is the printed fabric ironed to the background image and now I'll put it away until I'm ready to stitch it.

Superior gave me the threads to work it and I'm anxious to start but I have other things in the pipe line.

Originally I was going to put a frame (like a window frame on the quilt… but now that I look at it, I think I will just complete the piece and present it as a stand alone image. I think it will have more impact.

I love the red window frame strips just as they are.. they certainly add impact. I want the plates to appear just as if they are in the photo, so the thread painting will be fine like the African lady.

Ralfy enjoyed being back in the shed with his bed under the skylight window.

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  1. The bain of my life those white edges. It is caused by a default setting in the printer and no matter what I do I can’t get rid of it.

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