Why didn’t I think of that before.?

Its that time of the year. So many things happening at once. I'm making some feeble attempts at getting back into the swing of things but I'm a little hampered.

I have 2500 books where my fabric stash is situated….just one box of 24 books is 15 kg, so I can't shift them without help… I just have to be patient.


I can't work in a less than tidy studio, so after finishing the Christmas shopping today I cleaned like a woman possessed. Now I'm happy.

I purchased some super containers for projects from IKEA today.

I like the flat breathable containers with a zip lid to prevent dust and bugs getting in.


I love IKEA, but it seems each time I go back to buy more of the same thing, its disappeared from the shelves and finally they have re-introduced the containers. Works in progress (other than the Bayeux) can now be stored tidily and cleanly rather than sit on the table awaiting construction.

I have all my quilts stored in these bags, but this is the first time I've used them for WIP. Why didn't I think of that before.?

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