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The build up to that special day has been rather busy so I've had limited time to work on the blog.

I've been babysitting little Ollie, our 4 month old today and he sat up on the desk, watched everything I did and just laughed at my efforts in the shed.

I told him all about the Bayeux and showed him the picture I was working on…..he just waved his arms and squealed

Just preparing the thread painting base for quilting and I'm anxious to begin.

I will be testing 100 weight superior silk threads, and 50 weight cotton. Can I combine them? I don't know.

I had these darn big gaps in the image so I tried to be inventive and fill them in, will it work? I don't know.


I cut up strips from the left over photos and put them in…. I think it will make it easier to work over  rather  than having to over those brown strips.

The pattern doesn't match but I think I can cover the image better.

Does that make sense?

I also ordered my new Handiquilter sweet 16 sewing machine today, I won't be able to get it until I get back from Tasmania in the new year…

I'm anxious to try it and I will certainly keep you in the loop with my progress on it.

Will it fit the bill? not sure until I practice on it….

Most of my projects will be done on the Janome Horizon… all the applique on the Bayeux is done with the Janome… but because the quilt is 236 foot long I'm hoping the quilting will be done on the handiquilter…. well see I guess

Its almost $2000 more than in the USA and that's with $1000 off before the end of the year….. I wonder why?

Any way, the company gave me a discount which I truly appreciated.




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  1. I’ve just set up my HQ sweet 16 a couple of weeks ago…..I think you will love it. The tough part was putting on the open toed foot for better visibility. I am waiting on the monopoly non glare thread as I have had problems with the YLI invisible thread…The lighting and space to work in is awesome! Ollie is adorable, as are all of your grandchildren! Good luck.

  2. I have my Sweet 16 …..and love it …..make sure you buy the side tables as it makes the quilting easier….have fun

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