Thread painting.

After getting everything back in order I had time to have a small snooze, eat lots of prawns, watch TV, wash the table linen and do a little quilting.

Keith thought it would be a good day to entertain…. but I sort of declined the suggestion !!!!

I've begun work on the new thread painted piece.

Its quite difficult and is going to be a challenging piece to work on…

I have my doubts as to whether I can  complete it.

The small piece shown is about 3 hours work so far. I enjoy doing it but do I have the time?

The challenging thing is that the image I printed on fabric isn't really clear. I have to redraw the detail… well at least outline it with pencil.

You can see in the image above, I've outlined the sheep, the castle and the tree. That gives me a point to quilt up to.

I'm testing a variety of threads… already I have dismissed one thread… a tri-lobal poly… it splits too much to work with fine stitching.

I will use a combination of cotton and silk.

I'm working very closely with a photo that I've enlarged…I did the same with the African Lady.

No work on the Bayeux today…. just a little research. I have a new mini Ipad which I'm setting up.

I was nervous about getting a small one, but I love it already. It will be easier to travel with.

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