Its where I was born.


I'm in Launceston Tasmania right now.

Its where I was born and where I lived until I was 10 years old.

I don't know, but for the past 50+ years I've lived in South Australia and yet I still think of Launceston as my 'home'

Flying in, one gets the feeling of belonging.


The vista below is of patchwork fields, and as I look down, I am reminded that a long history of distant relatives were influential in this state. In fact in this very city of Launceston itself.

I know that the tiny wooden house where my Grandmother Millicent was born its still up there  situated at the base of a huge mountain and their water supply was a swiftly flowing mountain stream just meters from the front door.

It would be beautiful in this weather but in the cold of winter….my goodness.

Settled by Europeans in March 1806, Launceston is one of Australia's oldest cities and is home to many historic buildings. Like many Australian places, it was named after a town in the United Kingdom – in this case, Launceston, Cornwall.

This building is just opposite our hotel.

I was photographing the building and took an image of a pipe on the side…. a lady made a comment to her friend…. "Some tourists will photograph anything"….

But she doesn't know what I know…..!!!!

Tasmania 1
Look at it now !!!!

Each Saturday there is a delightful farmers market in the carpark opposite the hotel.




We bought fresh ash covered goats cheese from a farmer at lilydale, delicious bread, a pastry and raspberries that taste so different to the raspberries at home in Adelaide. The taste reminded me of Nanas garden in the sun.


As I write, I'm eating the left overs for breakfast. Yum.

We took a walk with friends yesterday,


Past the Boags Beer factory and the old Malt House.

Keith took the easy way out and borrowed the kids scooter.

Today, will be a photography day as we visit rural Tasmania.

While I was on the last trip I had a problem with my photos in my computer.

Hours of instruction I managed to get them all back up, but they came back quadrupled… and out of sequence… so instead of having 30,000 photos I ended up with 200,000 + its taken ages to sort it all out and writing the blog and adding photos is rather difficult right now because it has to sort through the photos… hence my delay in getting the blog out. But I will work through it slowly.




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