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There has been no blog for a few days while I re-configured my computer.

I had a problem when I was traveling in Thailand a few weeks ago and its taken up to now to do the final changes.


Following my previous blog, I did a few sketches   yesterday. Its basically what a saw as I was traveling to MoNa. Rather than get the camera out…. I drew in the ipad and the smaller device makes it easier.


(For me, anyway.)

As a Textile dabbler, I could use this sketch to create an image on fabric.

There's nothing to stop me drawing the sea and sky in the ipad and printing it myself on the computer.!!!

Applique the yachts raw edge and outline them with black thread as if its a sketch….

I'll do one when I get home to see how it comes out.


Screenshot 4:01:13 6:54 AM

OK, so this isn't fantastic as fabric… but I could re-arrange it.



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