Oh, Dear.

Its all relative I guess.

Keith and I have been married 46 years today….. and indeed I was a child bride.

I never remember our anniversary… Luckily Keith does and he reminded me this morning at breakfast.

We were both so young and I thought I was so mature. I was a commercial photographer and Keith a budding Accountant. We owned a brand new red and white mini cooper S with red leather racing seats. We had it all.

The day after the wedding I had my hair cut off into a Mia farrow style which was popular in those days. My Mother was horrified, but what could she do, I was a married woman.

I did wear glasses in those days but vanity prevented me from wearing them on the day, so I couldn't see a thing the whole  day!!!

So I'm glad we managed to get home for today and I thank close friends in Hobart for their above and beyond assistance in getting a message to Keith to get on the ferry.

Its been a whirlwind of events over the past few days.

A friend said "Pammy, how do you get yourself into these situations.Do you do it so you have a good story for your blog"…. of course !!!

The weather remains hot, it was over 40 today and will be the same tomorrow so the swimming pool was a good place to end the day. Miss Tilly and I will "craft" tomorrow and we are both going to sleep downstairs and watch TV tonight.

Tilly's Mum doesn't know, but she will be introduced to the BIG machine tomorrow… no more kids machines.

I'm a little amazed at the reaction to my story re the hire car. It escalated to immense proportions.

I'm sorry, that due to the natural disaster they are also going to find it difficult in this situation, but its beyond the control of anyone.

The problem was their initial lack of integrity from the beginning.


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  2. I always forget our wedding anniversary as well. Good thing the men remember.
    There was an interview with the Mayor of Dunelly on TV last night telling all the tourist to leave, they weren’t wanted there anymore. I’m glad Keith got out when he did the situation looked a bit strained.

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