Tilly’s Craft video for you.

Tilly's crafting day.

Tilly has been a crafter since her Mum gave her a roll of sticky tape aged 1.


Before she could walk she was out in my studio, pulling the fabric out of the drawers.


With her beloved sticky tape, she stuck everything to everything… on the TV, on the table on me….. she loved it and spent ages playing craft.

Aged 18 months she had her own box of fabric, pegs, pencils, paper and even scissors.


Al the children have their own craft box in the studio, they love it. But they love my rubbish bin the most.

I said to Tilly today…. "I better get Papa to empty the bin"….she said, "Oh no Bamma, leave it till Kodi comes over so we can play with it first"


Their Mothers love me.!!!!

Now she's at school we have little time to spend "crafting" but we did today.

The video is a bit crackly, somehow its camera noise, I need to investigate what the problem is, but it was so priceless I couldn't waste the footage.

I purchased a packet of Transfer artists paper from Spotlight, our local fabric warehouse… (a bit like Joannes) You can use it to transfer images to fabric, paper, wood, glass and canvas, so they say.

I want to experiment with it, but I thought it would be super to make T shirts with Tilly.

We were up early and went to Kmart to buy t shirts for $3. Of course white is best.

Tilly could have drawn directly on the paper…. it probably would have been better… but I the writing would need to be reversed so I decided to get her to draw it on paper and scan the image in and reverse it in the computer….

Then print it on the paper.

Tilly describes how to do it in her own way….




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  1. Chris John says:

    That was brilliant Tilly. Thank you for explaining how to use Transfer Artists Paper. I must get some and try it out for myself.
    Can I ask Tilly a couple of questions?
    Do you think I could use it on a pillowcase?
    Were there any colours which worked better than others?
    How long did the paper need ironing for?
    Pam, I think Lesley Riley should see Tilly in action. She might need to keep her eye out for this young lady.

  2. Grandchildren are simply the best. Tilly, thank you so much for showing us how to do a transfer! You are awesome and so is your Grandmother! Pamie G. Texas Hill Country

  3. Lesley Riley says:

    Pam, I am thrilled beyond words to see Tilly make a t-shirt with my TAP paper. Please give her a big hug for me and let her know that she is a wonderful artist, teacher and spokesperson

  4. Tilly is amazing! Thanks for filming and sharing. So sweet!!

  5. Gladys says:

    Awesome! She is so beautiful and so sweet! And a great artist! Thanks for sharing! Have a nice day!

  6. Pam says:

    Hi Chris, I’ve had a problem replying to the posts on the blog.. but its sorted now.
    Now I can get Tilly to answer you.
    She took her videos to school and several classrooms are making the covered jars for Mothers Day.
    She feels so important having her own video.

  7. Pam says:

    Pammie, Tilly is a natural. She’s had a bit of a tough time recently and this was a Grandmas diversion project.

  8. Pam says:

    Lesley, Tilly loves her T shirts. they faded a little when washed but are still fine.
    She’s teaching her peers how to do it.

  9. Pam says:

    Gladys, thanks she loved doing them.

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