My Ireland memories fed to the fish.

I'm slow.

I finally finished the Ireland drawing I did for all the folks on my bus.

Sun, Rain clouds, cottages, stone walls, patchwork fields, sheep, chickens, the cliffs by the oceans, the islands, peat, the quilt show and our bus going down the narrow roads.


Actually I did it 3 times… and the fancy drawing flew overboard in Oman in December….Strange but true, its a bit like the dog ate my homework… at least I have a picture to prove I was there.!!!  Oman I mean.

It was in the back of my sketch book as a loose leaf,  suddenly a gust of wind came up and fed it to the fishes.

I will put it up on my web page as a PDF on the web page when I've notified my group and you can download it if you want it.

So now its time to consider going again… Join me on the tour… trust me its the best trip you will ever take.



We had a wonderful time.


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  1. squetcher says:

    As usual, I am enjoying your blog, Pam…and what a pleasant surprise to see you standing beside my quilting friend, Sharon from Canada! Can’t wait to see her again to talk about what a small world it is.

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