Sometimes I think I’m the only person running.

I think the events of last week made me stop and appreciate everything we hold dear.

Our family is no stranger to tragedy and annoyingly we were once again forced to remember the frailty of life. One minute you're a tourist enjoying the beauty of the countryside.


and within a very short time, the situation changes.


So with that in mind on my first week back at work, I've decided to evaluate just how much pressure I put myself under and I decided to throw out a few "Creative must do's" and add a bit more time for the Grandies… so its movies for Kodi and Craft for Tilly and Lily this week.

Its going to be a hectic year, its going to be exciting and I will have those orange running shoes on for the entire time.

I'm in my 60's and I find many of my peers are moving at a more relaxed pace.  Sometimes I feel I'm the only person running, and it gets a bit lonely pounding that road at times.

On the other hand… I sure enjoy the journey.

Today, I had the opportunity to get the studio back into a normal state after a lot of deliveries and arrivals of 'stuff'  I can't work if anything is out of place…. sad, but true.


The threads are organized into a working format for the "Willow in the window" quilt. Its coming on quite nicely.

This central plate is heavily detailed, but I will have a break with the muted background around the plates.

This is a tiny piece of a new quilt called "Color Caribbean"


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  1. Not alone Pammy. We are just running on different streets. Hi from over here.

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