Challenge the Quilters.

A quilter represents themselves by developing a certain style, a certain genre to fit their personality and ability.

I was thinking about this today.

When I visit the major shows around the world I can very often pick the creator by the style and execution of the quilt.

Some quilters never get past that 'style' and in a way I think its a bit of a shame.

I'm not going to mention names…. for petes sake I would be shot down in flames.

How can I explain it…..?

Think about the quilters you know and then look at the 'style' of quilts they make. Does it fit with their personality….?

Well, for instance, there are some quilters I know who use squares… tiny squares, 100's of tiny squares…1000's of tiny squares. Every quilt is tiny squares and I guess the color and line depict the image they wish to create.

However, I wonder if given the challenge they could create an applique quilt or a pictorial quilt. etc, etc.

Some quilters I know make wonderfully flamboyant style quilts, bright colors, often quirky and I think it fits their personality to a tee.

Are we predestined to make a certain type of quilt.?

Wouldn't it be interesting to take 10 or even 20 'known' quilters and challenge them to create something completely out of the box.

Ask Pam Holland to create a 'pieced Quilt' I'd have a fit… but I'd give it jolly good try.

Its an interesting thought.


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  1. Lisa Dodson says:

    My thoughts exactly. I understand quilting what you love but a lot of quilters are scared to death to quilt outside their comfort zone and thus limit their creativity.

  2. Candy says:

    I will quilt in any colour, any style, any time, anywhere. I always say there is something for everyone within our craft. My challenge is to focus and develop the body of work that says ‘me’. The thing I have done most consistently are small challenge projects. If I look at them all, there is a similarity in the way I approach and construct so I am guessing that is my instinctive method. This is the year of ‘play dates’ to share with others and see where that goes. Change does make most people feel uncomfortable, and for those who are successful, they find a formula and stick to it. Interesting topic Pam.

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