Finished the quilt top.

I got a few hours of work done before the Grandies arrived today.

It was ice creams, picking tomatoes and playing with 'aminals' as he calls them in the tent. Then more cousins arrived to join in the fun.

I finished the quilt top this morning even though I was still suffering from standing incorrectly yesterday when I was illustrating…

I can't sit and draw, I have to stand and I rest my arm on the desk in a stupid way…. duh.

I found  a few body parts missing so I had to add them in a less than salubrious way.

I've not really decided how I will applique this piece.

I wanted to see how it looked when the top was finished. Initially I was going to sketch sew in black thread. That would add to the 'art genre' of the quilt, but I think it might take away from the ambiance… (if a quilt can have ambiance)

Sketch sew is sewing in black or grey thread as if you are drawing with a pencil. You catch the edge of the applique down with the thread and often there is more than one row of stitching.

I could do an invisible applique stitch.

My method is to create a small, open zig zag stitch… 1.4 SW X 1.4 SL with smoke mono filament.

On the other hand I could stitch a straight stitch in the same color thread as the applique and stitch right on the edge.

I think this method is less intrusive on the image and becomes part of the quilting… I always applique and quilt at the same time.

Any way, I will pick up the open foot for the machine tomorrow so I should get some quilting done over the weekend.


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  1. Great choices in fabric and it has wonderful rhythm. I like the idea of sketch quilting,hope you let see how it finishes. You are such a wonderful artist.

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