“You haven’t written your blog for a few days”

Last night, a voice from depths of the home office says.

"You haven't written your blog for a few days"

OK, I know Keith… but I've been busy and to be honest I had nothing to say ……..really!!!!!

We had a long weekend for Australia Day and there was little creative work done other than photography and a little quilting.

This image is a reflection of friends and myself in a sculpture at an exhibition at Brighton Beach.

The exhibition is annual and runs for 10 days each year. I love it… and as we drove down to the beach from the hills on Sunday we looked in despair as a huge rain cloud descended on the event.

IMG_0138It was a little difficult to photograph the exhibition because despite the fact that its high summer, the weather was cold and miserable. (I don't do cold and wet)

We are experiencing the fall out from the huge storms and tornadoes that hit the top part of Australia earlier in the week.

So a wonderful lunch at the BEST Greek restaurant fixed the problem.


But now I'm back at work and I have been stressing for the past week (and making myself ill) because I am behind with my projects.

The reason is that I always set unrealistic goals and then get bogged down in the process.

But School went back yesterday and today and sadly I won't have the little people around as much, but it will free up the work process.


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