Back to Quilting. A new method for me.

Back to quilting.

I suppose its a bit of a risk quilting a special quilt in a new format, however, I had to take the plunge sometime and after a few hiccups I'm growing in confidence with the Sweet 16.

I changed to a smaller needle yesterday, a size 14 instead if the 16 that comes with the machine and it makes a huge difference, but I will purchase some 12's in the USA for finer work.

I usually begin in the center and quilt outwards to avoid stretching and I began to quilt this project the same way, but after completing quarter of the quilt, holding my breath I decided to quilt 'all the green' jumping from one area to another.

So far, its working just fine, but time will tell.

Its exciting, and I'm still a little nervous about working this way, its so different.

I'm using 50 weight thread and its working wonderfully.

This is raw edge applique. So I'm appliqueing and quilting at the same time stitching right on the edge of the fabric.

The Cherry wood fabric is so forgiving and heals the  instant you stitch.

The Batik needs a little steam to heal the needle holes.

I want this quilt to look like a painting. I don't want to see the edges of the applique. I need it all to flow so your eye rolls over the image like an oil painting.

So far so good.


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