Month: February 2013

A day in the life of a Quilt teacher. The preparation.

Ah, a day in the life of a Quilt Teacher in preparation. Get up at 7.30, breakfast, go to the studio, quilt some samples, lunch, more quilting, relax over dinner. NO, not so. Get up at 4.30 and with coffee in hand wander across to the studio in the dark. A possum hisses at the dog and all hell lets loose. You forgot to put some of the projects away last night because  you were so tired so that has to be done and bang, you trip over Lionels dog bone he hid in the carpet yesterday. The coffee survived. The knee didn't. You have to tidy before you can begin work and you get distracted with emails and requests on the computer. 60 emails to attend to. If you don't answer them immediatly they hide in cyber space and you're embarrased when you find them 10 days later. Don't do your lumosity brain exercises straight away because your score will plummet and you will feel a failure all day…. "Oh no my BPI went …

Its a story with a happy ending.

  A young man approached me in the main street of our small town recently. He shook my hand,  'do you know where I'm from' he said.'I think you might come from Chile' I said recognizing his accent. He was taken back. He was raising funds for UNESCO and wanted me to pay a certain amount each month to help the children of Mali. He was most insistent that I help them, and so I tried to explain that we pledge assistance to many organizations and  monthly sponsorships for children. Did he believe me, or should I tried to have convince him, well probably not, but like many others we have a conscience.  We have so much in our home and I felt like a failure walking away without a pledge. But the incident made me reflect. I mentioned Callie in my blog a few weeks ago. Some of you have wrote and asked me to share her story. I've written down  many of the experiences we had in the adoption of our children. But …

The ‘X’ quilt is completed.

The 'X' Quilt is completed.   I'll possibly use the pattern in the book but in reality this quilt is a class sample and will be given to son Jamie whose film business is called Extreme Productions. I want each quilt to be a little quirky and different to the norm. The aim is  to stimulate the imagination of the viewer. I designed the fabric for  the quilts and it worked a treat. Each small quilt will have its own fabric. Of course the red and white stripe will feature in them all. This is the large stripe fabric, then there is a narrower one for smaller images. The back of the quilt. The inspiration for the blue fabric are the sweaters that many of the characters wear. Wavy knitting lines. So to quilting, this is the second quilt I've made on  the sweet 16 and I'm really happy with the results. I've not done anything fancy, no feathers or fans in my quilt. I'm using 50 weight thread and a size 12 needle. There's …

Lawrence of Arabia.

We've had a lovely weekend. I was able to concentrate on finishing the 'X'  project and at the same time I had a little free time. It was a hot weekend. The garden is parched and the air was hot with a north wind so a birthday party round the swimming pool with the Grandies, Uncles and Aunts was just super. Yesterday. Keith and I attended the screening of the re-digitized movie of Laurence of Arabia. It was 4 hours long. Those blue eyes of Peter O'Toole fringed with dark makeup…. just delicious. In 2011, Keith and I  traveled to the desert area in Jordan where the movie was shot and  the spectacular photography on the big screen was an absolute  delight.  

The ‘X’ is done.

I completed the quilt top today. Its not the best photo. The feet are 3 dimensional appliques and will come out over the red and white stripe binding. The hands and arms are illustrated. The flags will be at the top now. Exreme, because this will be Miss Jaya's Quilt and her Dads busines is Extreme Productions.  

Designing the ‘X’ treme Quilt.

Gees there are so few words you can use beginning with 'X' 'X' for Xylophone just doesn't cut it. so this quilt will be for son Jamie who's business is 'X'treme Productions. 'X'treme This morning I decided to continue the flag theme, so I drew the same flags as I have on the 'x' image and made them a little larger on plain fabric. They look OK, but a bit flat so a little extra shading will do the trick. That's better… I used black pigment ink to give the flags dimension. Then the plan was to fuse the back of the piece and cut them out as an applique piece. So these little flags will be appliqued on the blue 'sweater' fabric at the bottom of the quilt. But that's not all!!!!  

Right now I'm creating the quilts for the Alphabet book but before that I need to make a sample for class. I've been waiting for the fabric I designed to arrive and time is running short so I just have to draw some of the fabric and use  what I have. I don't know if it will work, but I'm going to give it a try. OK, so I'll begin with 'X' because I had a spare one drawn As I color, and add a little more detail, the image takes on its own peronality. Why is it holding up the flags….? To be honest I don't know yet until I've finished the quilt. I'm auditioning it, and its now at this time of the day the brain has gone into melt down  so I'm putting it aside until tomorrow.

Yet another evacuation.

I took a little time off work yesterday and it was a joy. I had lunch with friends and then we visited  the Art Gallery of South Australia to see the much anticipated Turner Exhibition. Joseph Mallord William Turner (23 April 1775 – 19 December 1851) was an English Romantic landscape painter, watercolourist and printmaker, whose style can be said to have laid the foundation for Impressionism. Although Turner was considered a controversial figure in his day, he is now regarded as the artist who elevated landscape painting to an eminence rivalling history painting. His work was exhibited when he was still a teenager. His entire life was devoted to his art. Unlike many artists of his era, he was successful throughout his career. I first saw some of his paintings on my 50th birthday in the Tate in London. I stood in awe when I looked at the images before me and I went back several times to work out how he captured the light. Yesterday we had been in the gallery for about …

Still quilting.

I'm having difficulty with the 'composition' link on my blog…. its really frustrating and takes ages to get a blog published. I think it must be a problem with the workings of Typepad. I've been up in the wee hours working on the quilting of this piece. I probably have about another 20 hours of quilting to do before the quilt is finished. I'm going to have a large photographic print made of it similar to the Irish Woman. so that I have a copy after it leaves my studio. I haven't finished the black on the quilt. So that's all the body parts and some of the quilting….Its fascinating using the sweet 16 because I was able to quilt and applique all the 'green' for instance and then go to the red without the quilt puckering. Its very different to quilting on an ordinary machine. A had a small hold up… the lights have gone on the sweet 16 so I need to pull it all apart and take it to the dealer.. Its …

I’m very much swinging in the branches.

Goodness 3 days with out a blog post. We  had a very busy weekend… and by the end of each day I was just too tired to write. Thanks to those of you who were worried I'd dropped off the tree. I'm very much swinging in the branches. The photo below is of my favorite sandals, I wore them once when I was dyeing and I got ink all over them, so I'm covering  up the spots with illustration on my shoes. I don't know if I'll cover them with drawing… It might be a bit much but its fun doing it. Today I had to catch up with Teacher projects, patterns and kits and it took almost all day. Goodness, I reference and cross reference and sometimes I still make mistakes. You know, actually, I did write a blog. It was prompted by the fact that our Daughter Callie wanted to do something special for our friends who supported us through our adoption process. I've saved it, maybe I will post it someday. We …