Music and being creative.

I think my creativity is enhanced by a connection to music. I have special music playing for each project I'm working on.  Medieval of course for the Bayeux.

By today's standards we were poor when I was a child… but there was always music in the house.


My dear Dad, loved all sorts of music and Mum sang, so we were bought up listening to the Grand Old Opry,  and classical music. Singing in harmony at an early age was a natural thing to do. We would stand in the doorway (our stage) and sing almost every night after tea.

Dad, wrote music and was still making musical instruments and composing up until he passed away. He taught us to listen and identify every instrument in the orchestra. I learned the violin and the harp and graduated to the guitar as a teenager as you did in the 60's

Now I dream of taking up the violin again.

I didn't really follow through with my children, only four or five  of them learned music but I hope to encourage the grandies.

Each of the over 4's have their own music system Ipods or Nanos so today I bought a fabulous CD. 'Classical School time kids (various artists)' There are 30 pieces of classical music specially for children, and I've been playing it all day. I love it too. Its different to the music their parents put on the devices… Tilly loves 'All the single ladies' and sings it with very descriptive actions!!!

2 year old Kaiden loves my classical music in the car. He sings in his dear little voice. "More" he says when the music ends.

I hope they love this CD.

I have to go to the Beethoven's 5th concert on my own next week, maybe in the future I can encourage the gandies to go with me.


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  1. Eileen Keane says:

    Pam, my Dad was always whistling, or he had the radio on. I’d love to get that cd for my grandson, but all I can find is mp3.

  2. Ujiva Nelson says:

    I absolutely feel ecstatic when I find articles relevant to my work and my subject.

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