One could say its an obsession.

I'm not pushing myself too hard for a while. I scared myself last week after a little stress related health worry, but I'm on back on track  ready for travel.

My old passport was full and the new one arrived yesterday. It expires in 2023. Its scary to think that I'll be really old by then, I wonder if I'll still be on the road.?

My visas are all up to date and its a nice feeling to have everything ready  for the next  lot of adventures.

Yesterday I indulged in another passion eating and shopping and  I managed to find  more vintage knitting needles for my collection…. and before you ask, NO, I don't knit, (I can, but I don't) I just love the colors of the needles.

I have several 100 now, I think they are probably Mums era. I went to an event once and they had 1000's on the floor of a booth… it looked fabulous. I don't think I'll go that far but I do like them. I even got some orange ones.

EcclesiaI'm back working on the Bayeux and having left it for a month while I did other projects was part of my problem. I get anxious if I'm not actively working on it. One could say  its an obsession.

I had to debate whether to pick the blackberries today or quilt I think I should leave them  for the troops.!!! I'm not that excited at the prospect.

Quilting is less messier but we do have a bumper crop this year.





So back to quilting and I'm loving the new Sweet 16. Sigh…..!!!


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