A quilt or a coverlet?

I'm awfully lucky. I get to visit some darn interesting places as I teach and travel.

I get to collect interesting  textiles and in doing so, I really try to use them all,  there's not too many in storage.

I sleep under fabulous quilts and my textile collection decorates the house, in fact I even wear them in the form of shawls and wraps.

I love this piece, I bought it in Santa Fe at the International Folk Art Market last year.  It was actually a prize winning piece and I fell in love with instantly.

It's Indian.

I loved the color, the fabrics and the images.

I would dearly like to know the story.

Its not a quilt, but a covering. The embroidery is very detailed and I can't imagine how long it took to do.

 I shared this piece at Guild last week and I thought the ladies might like a more detailed view of it.

3 ladies in their saris, the image is sewn on pieced silk and backed with a fine black cotton. The thread is embroidery thread I think. If you look at the background stitching in detail I love the way she's changed direction on the garments.

The entire piece is hand sewn.

This lady appears to be carrying a basket.

I just love the fill in stitching. Is it called a Kantha Quilt… I really don't know its very different to the images I have in my book on Kantha Quilting.

Here is the house and the water pump. Love the colors.

I'm no expert but this is pure folk art to me. Its a modern Bayeux tapestry, it tells a story through thread and textiles.

This image shows the back of the piece, its a thin piece of fine black cotton that is sheer.

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