We did it.


What a hectic day.

Its taken ages to get the shop up on the web page, we had to test, and double test to make sure it was working correctly and I'm pleased to say… its done and you can access the shop to purchase "The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet"

I wanted to get it simple and just right and the fact that I traveled just a few days after the book was delivered held things up just a bit.

However, I've been busy filling orders today… its been wonderful and I thank you all for waiting so patiently. Its pretty darn exciting.

Hence the new look on the blog and the web page.



The Adventures of the Amazing Alphabet.


Its not your average quilting method book. You will never find it on Amazon or on the throw out tables of book stores.. because I have total control. 

This is my baby, I drew it, I wrote it, I published it and I want to share it with people who know me and like the things I teach and do.

The patterns for the entire Alphabet is in the book and of course the instructions on how to create and sew the images.


S for swan


BUT there's more for your money. Its also a story book.

The story of  how the Alphabet came to be and I must warn you at times its rather a dastardly tale.

You can read it to your grandies or your children.

And Adults love the story too.


C for Cup (of tea)


There is another book coming out and a fabric range to match the book.

I am designing a small quilt for each letter, and trust me they are not fu fu (fairies undies)quilts… they are whimsical and whacky and just a little  different.

Its taken me by surprise.. its a quilting book that sits in the children's section of the library…. now that's different.



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  1. I like your new web page, looks great.

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks honey. I needed to combine the design of the blog and the web page so they would flow. I think this is easy to read without all the bells and whistles and is more user friendly.

  3. Deb Bradbury says:

    Having done the alphabet workshop in Bangkok years ago, have been waiting for this….still have all my stuff ready to go. Well done PAM love your creativity keep on going kind regards

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