My Gal, Cal.

The blog has been difficult to do tonight, just a little glitch in the computer.

I spent hours at the central market today buying mountains of food for an event.


No, I'm not cooking, I don't like spending hours over a hot stove. Our daughter Callie is the chef.

I'll explain. The dinner is an annual gathering of 30 friends. We all belong to an Inter-country Adoption support group which began about 32 years ago just after the fall of Vietnam.

Most of us had limited funds in those days and we decided to hold a monthly dinner party on a rotating basis.

We all have large families, the children grew up together and ultimately became like family.   We camped together 3 or four times a year and if you have 13 children there are limited places you get invited to dinner….I can assure you. So you visit another family with 8 children.

Daughter Callie was one of those babies we all anxiously waited for. There were years of waiting, and months of anxiety when I had to leave her in Sri Lanka for some time.

When she arrived she was our Princess.

Our friends were our support through those difficult times They understood.

Callie, now in her 30's is just so excited to be able to do this for the 'Aunts and Uncles'

Her menu is amazing, the food will be superb and she hasn't slept for days with anticipation.

Good on you Cal.

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