Designing the ‘X’ treme Quilt.

Gees there are so few words you can use beginning with 'X'

'X' for Xylophone just doesn't cut it.

so this quilt will be for son Jamie who's business is

'X'treme Productions.


This morning I decided to continue the flag theme, so I drew the same flags as I have on the 'x' image and made them a little larger on plain fabric.

They look OK, but a bit flat so a little extra shading will do the trick.

That's better… I used black pigment ink to give the flags dimension.

Then the plan was to fuse the back of the piece and cut them out as an applique piece.

So these little flags will be appliqued on the blue 'sweater' fabric at the bottom of the quilt.

But that's not all!!!!


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