The ‘X’ quilt is completed.

The 'X' Quilt is completed.



I'll possibly use the pattern in the book but in reality this quilt is a class sample and will be given to son Jamie whose film business is called Extreme Productions.

I want each quilt to be a little quirky and different to the norm. The aim is  to stimulate the imagination of the viewer.

I designed the fabric for  the quilts and it worked a treat. Each small quilt will have its own fabric. Of course the red and white stripe will feature in them all. This is the large stripe fabric, then there is a narrower one for smaller images.


The back of the quilt.

The inspiration for the blue fabric are the sweaters that many of the characters wear. Wavy knitting lines.

So to quilting, this is the second quilt I've made on  the sweet 16 and I'm really happy with the results. I've not done anything fancy, no feathers or fans in my quilt. I'm using 50 weight thread and a size 12 needle.


There's lots of quilting on this piece… almost every 1/8th  of an inch in fact. I want the quilting to enhance the illustration, so the circles on the main piece mirror the swirls on the illustration.

Quilting on the stripe lines on the fabric and extending it  into the main body of the quilt works well too.

Blue background_pe

Outlining the image in black takes a lot of concentration, and I was uncertain whether I could do it on the sweet 16, but it was quite simple really.



The blue fabric is printed, but I extended the image with pigment dyed images to represent the bottom of the sweater.

The feet were made as a dimensional applique, because I want them to come out over the binding.

And so, the quilt is complete.

As Mr Kaiden aged 2 keeps asking me. "Grandma are you happy"?

Yes, Honey, I'm happy with this.

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  1. I love it,Pam. Your illustrations are wonderful. Have you used the invisible thread yet?…I just had to rip out (well, 2 of them) borders as I didn’t notice the tension was off. I find that very frustrating and it has only happened when I use the invisible thread (matt finish from Superior). I hope to get with the tech, that has been very helpful, next week and see if there is some technique that would help me. I was trying it out with the aurifil 50 weight with a size 12 needle. I think I should go back to using the same cotton thread in both the needle and bobbin….it’s a pain to always have to change the thread color. I really love having all that room to work though….It is very relaxing when it is easy to move the quilt.

  2. Pam says:

    Lynn thank you.
    No invisible thread in this one, I went with ordinary cotton.
    I use the YLI smoke invisible.
    It makes a huge difference if you balance your threads, it saves so much work. It is a pain changing colors, but the effect is better.
    Keep at it honey.
    Cheers pam

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