A day in the life of a Quilt teacher. The preparation.

Ah, a day in the life of a Quilt Teacher in preparation.

Get up at 7.30, breakfast, go to the studio, quilt some samples, lunch, more quilting, relax over dinner.

NO, not so.

Get up at 4.30 and with coffee in hand wander across to the studio in the dark. A possum hisses at the dog and all hell lets loose.

You forgot to put some of the projects away last night because  you were so tired so that has to be done and bang, you trip over Lionels dog bone he hid in the carpet yesterday. The coffee survived. The knee didn't.

You have to tidy before you can begin work and you get distracted with emails and requests on the computer. 60 emails to attend to.

If you don't answer them immediatly they hide in cyber space and you're embarrased when you find them 10 days later.

Don't do your lumosity brain exercises straight away because your score will plummet and you will feel a failure all day…. "Oh no my BPI went down"

You read your blog from last night and realise you made spelling mistakes despite checking and double checking.

Emails answered there is an urgent request dropping in and you have to spend 3/4 of an hour preparing a flyer.

Time for breakfast.


A bit of a break. Watch  the news and the coffee is delicious.

Keith cleans the kitchen because he takes longer to read the paper than I. He also takes my coffee space at the table !!!!!

7.30 back to the studio and can I get to the project on the machine. NO. more emails and requests come in.

Invoices and Banking need to be done. The book packaging and a courier organized.

Then dash up stairs and clean up what Keith left… make the bed, talk to the dogs and put on the washing.



Back to the studio and more paperwork. A contract this time. Its 10.00 am and I'm still in my Jamas, I have to hide and slide inside praying the painter upstairs doesn't see me.

Dressed and ready for the day, the dog chewed my shoe lace as I was putting on my sneakers but I managed to get out the door and off to the post office.

Relax honey, drive slowly to your next appointment. Nails and a Pedicure. One can't travel looking tatty. I'm old, I have to work hard at not looking tatty.

I read my Ipad while a young person I don't know plays with my feet in an attempt to make them look nice (for what I ask), Vietnamese music is playing very loudly and I'm tempted to get out my earphones. The young girl is cute but she's a learner and she snipped part of my toe. I'm brave so I just roll my eyes and grit my teeth, sort of smiling. Next the nails and I'm so tired I begin to fall asleep, how embarrassing, but the Vietnamese music reaches a crescendo and jolts me back to reality.

OK, tarting up finished, and with diamonds in the red fingernails, I feel a new woman and now I have to eat and do grocery shopping.

I choose to have a hamburger special at the restaurant next door to the salon.

I felt guilty when this svelte well dressed woman about my age came in I'm tucking into my hamburger and it wasn't  very nice anyway. Now I wonder what she will have, a delicious salad I'm sure. OH joy, she had fish and chips, relieved I enjoyed my hamburger.

I look at the clock in the car and its almost 3.00 pm, "where did the day go"

Back to the studio to take phone calls, work on the book, pick the tomatoes and talk to the magpies… and that's about it. Oh I did do my lumosity Brain training but I stopped because for the first time I didn't like the exercises.

Husband Keith goes to the Quilt Guild meeting (not me I'm not committee) so its left overs for tea, and back to the studio to organize my Indian tour.

Its almost 9.00 pm and here I am wasting time on the computer and I haven't touched a darn machine or looked at a quilt all day.


So  I'm going to have a coffee and sit in the TV chair and I know I will fall asleep in a short time.

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  1. It won’t be long Pammy and you will be here with me and I will spoil you. Oh, you better watch out for Charlie, I don’t let her bring bones inside but she does like your bed. And, it’s going to take a bit to get you on-line, new passwords. Still there shouldn’t be to many interuptions and you will be able to do what you want to.

  2. Pam says:

    Im smiling Carolyn, Im smiling….

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