My Quilting Quandry.

I've been trying to avoid a rush before I leave for Brisbane but I now have to work over the weekend to finish the Caribbean quilt so that it can be ready for valuation.

The lights have gone on the sweet 16  and it appears I have to take it to  be repaired….!!! A brand new machine no less. The whole thing has to be dismantled and taken to the shop I purchased it from. Goodness knows how long it will be away so I have to use it as it is.

Its difficult to work with external lights because they shift with the movement of the machine.

I had an idea that I wanted to quilt palm fronds around the border. The main part of the quilt is quite dense with images and I felt the lightness of the palm fronds would be an interesting contrast to the centre of the quilt.

But with no time to practice…. I have to jump right in and just do it.

Its down to the wire.

The first two fronds were a disaster and I had to pull them undone but I've improved a little and the  effect is as I imagined it would be.

I'll get up early and continue tomorrow, its difficult to see at night.

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  1. susiesioux says:

    I’ve replaced the led lights on my sweet 16 twice since last August without sending it back to the shop. This time, the light ring looks different. It’s doable, made easier with a pair of very thin straight tweezers. I did them with bent tweezers from Tooltron, stainless tweezers made in Pakistan, and a very short tiny Phillips head screwdriver. It’s a fiddly job, but easier than sending back to the dealer or HQ. There is a discussion of this on the Yahoo groups HQ_Sit_down_Model. If you would like a link the tutorial or more hints, let me know.

  2. Pam says:

    Susie, thats interesting.
    I tried to get onto the group…. its a yahoo group I think but I cant remember my yahoo password.

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