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I'm going to miss most of our Festival of Arts so I took time off yesterday afternoon to wander the streets, photograph and enjoy the ambiance in our fabulous city of Adelaide.

The Adelaide Festival, also known as the Adelaide Festival of Arts, is an arts festival held annually in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. It is considered to be one of the world's greatest celebrations of the arts, and is internationally renowned and the pre-eminent cultural event in Australia.
Begun in 1960, the Adelaide Festival is held in the autumnal month of March. It is actually made up of several events, but overall features include opera, theater, dance, classical and contemporary music, cabaret, and new media.

I love to go to Womade (World Music Adelaide) I was home last year and spent 4 days listening to the most amazing music, meeting people and taking photos.

Color, Color, Color


Kid in a bubble.

The toilet door. I just love this stuff.

The Turkish food stall.

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