Leaving on a jet plane.

Its time to leave on yet another  adventure..


The hard part is leaving the troops.

It was lovely to have time to sit and chat over dinner with family last night and then again at lunch time today… I do appreciate those time kids.

Thank you so much.

The little people now understand that I'm going in the plane for a while.

The babies won't miss me, the 6-9 year olds  are interested in what presents I bring back and the 20 year olds are just plain interested.


I can remember having a conversation with now nine year old Kodi when he was two. We were sitting on the porch swing and a plane went overhead. We sat and watched the jet stream and he said…. "Oh, Grandma, thank you for coming down out of that plane to play with me"

Once again, I get to touch the sky and I'll share the adventures with you all if you're interested.

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  1. Safe travels.Pam. I look forward to the trip and thanks for sharing, your world is so much more interesting than mine at the moment.

  2. Pam says:

    Lynne, its going to be a ripper of a trip.

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